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Trends in Home Decor

DSCF3688.JPGI recently read an interview with Sarah Susanka in "Design and Decor", a trade journal from Vance Publishing. Ms. Susanka is the author of the best seller, The Not so Big House, which she describes as , "a house that favors the quality of its space over the quantity..."

Amen to that. Check out my brand new not so big kitchen above.

In the interview Ms. Susanka states that  "...people want a better house. They're frustrated that the McMansion is not their dream house." She likens the McMansion's demise to that of the gas guzzling Hummer. Indeed. I would characterize the single style feature that distinguishes this architectural phenomenon from all others is its ability to hold a large volume of air. Like an empty promise. The trim details are often out of proportion with the scale of ceiling heights and cavernously expansive rooms. Interior styles are often incongruous with the exterior facade.

Among other  trends Ms. Susanka foresees fitting into the not so big house: Down-scaled furniture in proportion with its surroundings that emphasizes comfort and elegance; and with more folks opting to work at home she sees a desire to separate the office from the rest of the home.

I believe that Sara Susanka is rignt on target in her analysis of current building and decor trends. I see this desire for quality over quantity in many of the new down-sized homes I visit in NH for closet consults; a trend I am embracing like so many other baby-boomers. Along with the growing popularity of the home office, downsizing has folks demanding more out their home's storage spaces as well. This includes built-ins, (probably one of the greatest space saving assets that a not so big house can employ) master bedroom closets, and garage storage systems.

The real challenge as we downsize is to get it right during the planning stage of our new home or remodel. Understanding the plan in 2D cluttered with notes and dimensions can be difficult for some. And then finding the right builder: someone you can establish a two-way connection with to insure that your quality of life in your new home will meet your best expectaions. 

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