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Most clients we visit in new or recently built homes have been struggling with the wire closet systems installed by their builder and want to replace them with more functional systems.  In most cases they didn't have a choice about their closets. The builder offered no other options and the budget allowance for closets was not adequate to upgrade from wire. Or, the home was purchased with an existing wire system. Probably half of the jobs we install each year are to replace these cheap wire systems.

Here are the three most frequent complaints we hear from homeowners about wire closet systems:

  1. Wire closets Collapse: Most wire shelves are attached to drywall using hollow wall anchors, unlike wood closet
     systems that are anchored solidly to wall studs.
  2. Wire shelving is not adjustable: Unlike a 32mm wood closet system, wire shelves are fixed. Adjustability makes closets and storage spaces more flexable. 
  3. Wire shelves leave marks on clothing or linens: Another complaint we hear is that pantry items tip over easily. Solid wood closet and pantry shelves offer firm support for all folded clothing or pantry and food items.