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What are your Closet Goals?

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So you have a problem closet in your home that you would like to work better, more efficiently, and of course it should be beautiful.

Or, are you just looking for the cheapest way out to get some shelves and a rod in your closet.Lakeside basement game room cabinet.jpg

We meet clients all the time who don't have a clear goal in mind, an impossible task for a designer--to create a design for something that does not exist.

The best solution of course is to have clear budget in mind at the outset. An achievable goal for both the designer and client to stay focused on. What we hear from clients is that they want all of the accessories like drawers, baskets, hampers, doors, glass, islands, lots of shelves for shoes. If you walk onto a car lot, would you expect to drive a Mercedes home for $500? Of course not. For that money you get a fixer-upper. For that kid of money as a closet investment you might expect a functional reach-in closet. 

When I meet a client who tells me they want every accessory imaginable, then tells me how shocked they are at the price, even after my warning about budget, I see an unbridgeable disconnect. On the other hand, the client who really has a clear goal for their closet and and a willingness to put some time and effort into redesign will ultimately end up with the best closet possible. Ten revisions, twenty revisions--it does take some determination, but the final design will always yield great value.

Value is the key word. How you value the most used space in your home and its impact on your quality of life, how you perceive the resale value of your home, makes it worthwhile to invest time and thought into the design process. You must understand that design is a process, not a single rigid choice.