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I heard an interview piece on NH Publi10-Chestnut_Walk-in.jpgc Radio recently discussing the true value of the things we spend our money on. One example used was a blouse that cost $50. If you wear that blouse once then the cost per use is $50. Not a lot of value for your money if you're on a budget. If you wear the blouse 500 times then your cost of use goes down to one cent. This obviously gives the item more value for your cost.

Looking at value vs. cost from this perspective got me thinking about the true value of a custom closet. According to a recent survey of closet companies conducted by the industry publication Closets Magazine, the average cost of a master bedroom closet installed in 2008 was $2,947.

Not a low cost item, but ask yourself how often you use your closet. Something like two or three times a day. Everyday---year in and year out.

Let's say you live in your house for at least ten years. I've lived in mine for fourteen. Using that average cost figure from the survey, $2,947, the cost for a  custom closet would come out to about 82 cents per day. Probably a whole lot less than you might spend on coffee or snacks or lose in the sofa cushions in a day! Think about that in the context of your present closet.

Is your present closet a cramped nightmare? Do you have trouble finding what you want every morning? Do you dread putting your laundry away?

Would it be worth 82 cents a day to have the convenience of a functional custom closet?