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A Zillow article based on a recent Better Homes and Garden Survey and posetd on the Forbes web site is titled "5 Things Home Buyers Want In 2013." 

Cherry walk-in closet.jpg

Guess what's number two on the list. 

You guessed it, custom closets.

One day about a year ago we were removing wire closets from a new condo and replacing with a wood system. The van parked right next to mine was from one of the builder's services companies that supply wire systems in our area of New Hampshire. I would pass this installer walking in and out--me carrying the old wire shelves to my van destined for the recycle bin at the dump and him carrying in new wire shelves to install in a new condo. 

Go figure.  

Builders  are set in their ways:

Developers stubbornly insist on wire systems for the sake of cost and most will not even allow their home buyers the budget figure to make their own choice of closet system. They deliver a finished home and move on. Any custom options put a glitch in their system.

Custom builders insist that their own finish guys do the closets in the same style as the rest of the home typically without design experience or guidelines for a functional outcome.

While some builders are beginning to realize the value a closet designer brings to a project, the ultimate driving force is the consumer. 

Change in this out-dated dysfunctional treatment of closets will be driven by homeowners who are demanding more efficient storage and work spaces in their homes. Savvy home buyers will ultimately demand the same attention to efficiency standards for closets, pantries and home offices that they have come to expect in their kitchens and bathrooms.

See the Forbes article here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/zillow/2013/05/10/5-things-home-buyers-want-in-2013/