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Space is more than three dimensions.

Wide-open spaces, a cluttered room, personal spaceHowManySpaces.jpg, a disorganized kitchen counter top, or your two car garage. Each of these spaces elicits an image in our minds that triggers an emotional response.

A very large industry has grown based on this response.

According to the Freedonia Group, an industry research firm, the demand for home organization products is expected to reach $7.2 billion annually by 2011. That's lots of decluttering! This figure includes all organization products---containers, wire shelfing, DIY (do-it-yourself) products, garage storage, cabinets, and professionally installed closet systems. Gains in sales are fueled by factors like an increasing awareness in consumers about the availability of products and more outlets that offer organization products. Other factors include a demand for more efficient storage space by baby boomers and empty nesters who are downsizing, a greater demand in new home construction for master suites that include walk-in closets, and a growth in the trends for laundry room and garage organization.

In my corner of this market, sales of professionally installed products are predicted to increase by 7.2% a year until 2011 to $1.7 billion. The primary gain is driven by garage system installations and higher end closet systems. These projects make for a more complicated DIY project, so many homeowners are leaving these installations to professionals based on the belief that the end product will be of higher quality and more durable. Another area of growth stems from an increasing awareness by homebuilders of consumer demand for more efficient closets.

In my experience in working with homeowners over the past twenty-five years, no space triggers more  emotional response than a home's closets. The organization industry certainly taps into this emotionally vulnerable side of consumers with their advertising, using phrases like, breathing room, peace of mind, get free from guilt, or get motivated.

And it's true. As one of our clients wrote to me, "The state of my mind reflects the space around me."

Space is something primal that reaches deeply inward to become a vision of the way you want to live.

How do the spaces in your home impact your life?