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MaplePantry.jpgHave you ever been driving or walking or driving down a street lined nice homes feeling curious about what in the heck goes on behind the closed doors of other people’s most private spaces? Well, then stand by for the true story from an inside man.

When I started this blog several years ago I doubted there was much to say about closets--a rod, some shelves, coathangers... and then I thought... HUH! I bet I’ve been in more bedrooms with more women whose husbands aren’t home in the past twenty years than most guys would believe! Wouldn’t people want to hear about that? Look at how popular some of those bizarre reality TV shows. And unlike those staged productions, my experiences are real life. So what is everyone doing in the privacy of their homes that you’re going to want to do yourself? It’s what they’re doing on the walls, inside their closets, and even on the ceiling.

It’s color! Bright and bold colors, pastels, deep tones, things that practically glow in the dark—They are putting red appliances in the laundry room and bright colored furniture in the kid’s bedrooms. Denise and I have been noticing it wherever we go to do closet consults. I was at my favorite local paint store here in Wolfeboro, NH looking at color charts trying to finalize the color choices for the walls of our new showroom when I overheard the store manager telling one of her customers, “Everyone is using color these days.”  I’ll bet I heard that same phrase three more times that week. It’s like a jellybean explosion all over America.

Personally, I love it. Back in the eighties and nineties it seemed like every home I did finish work for was painted off-white—Navaho, Linen, Antique white— I think that after twenty years of being cooped up inside of neutral lined boxes we’ve bored ourselves into an uprising against blandness. It was like mass avoidance of making a color choice. Now all of a sudden color is the newest trend in home decorating. Actually it is more like a tidal wave than a trend. Unfortunately, when some people try to jump on the wave, the shear volume of colors to choose from quickly overwhelms them. (Which is why we all used off-white for so many years.) So if you’re like me, sick to death of linen white but you don’t know where to start, here’s a couple of tips:

  • Get down to your local paint store. The folks at mine (Johnson Paint in Wolfeboro)always get me on track. They deal with color challenged clients all the time and will probably have some great tips to help you.
  • Bring a pillow from your sofa or a swatch of your drapery (or even a photo of your room) to the paint store to help you visualize color options.
  • Don’t rely on those small paper color chips to base your choices on. Many manufacturers offer small jars of sample colors you can try out on your walls before you commit to a gallon of a custom mixed color.
  • Be bold. Don’t be afraid to try something new. HAVE FUN!
  • Some of our top faves: Horizon Gray, Sedona Clay, and Texas Leather, Wheat Grass, all from Benjamin Moore.