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A well designed mudroom is the gateway to an organized home that gives everyone in the family a place to hang their hat, back pack, and coat on the way in the door. Even a small mudroom offers potential for some key features to keep your family organized. Having an organized space in your entry hall or mudroom for each member of your family to grab essentials gets everyone out the door on time. On your way back in there's a place to put everything away, ready to go for a new day. Every space offers a set of challenges, but keeping the essential design elements in mind will help you optimize the use of your entry space.                                                                                                                                                

      • 1. Build a cubby for everyone in the family
      • 2. Hooks make it easy to hang coats and easy to find them on the way out the door
      • 3. Provide space for boot and shoe storage
      • 4. Give everyone their own personal drawer for gloves, sunglasses, and small items
      • 5. Add baskets or bins to keep small items organized
      • 6. A bench makes it easy to put on and take off boots and shoes.
      • 7. Boot trays help keep your floors clean during snowy and rainy weather
      • 8. Be sure to plan a place for guest coats