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disorganized wire closet systemCar stereos are hardly ever stolen anymore.

It used to be that cars came with cheap, tinny radios. If you wanted great sound you had to add an after-market stereo system. It was expensive. And lots of them got stolen.

Nowadays most cars are outfitted at the factory with a premiere sound system--multi speakers, CD player...the works.

What car companies figured out was that upscale sound systems sold cars!

It's a concept that homebuilders don't seem to get. I struck up a conversation with a builder at a home show earlier this year who told me that he installs "that cheap wire stuff" (he didn't use the word stuff) in the closets on his jobs. "It's not worth spending the money," he told me, "it's just a closet."

Uh... maybe he's never seen how a cheap closet system functions for his clients when they try to live with "just a closet!" Like the one in the picture above.

Maybe he would change his mind if he could see the frustration his clients face trying to live with a minimal wire closet system. Struggling every day to find things, reorganizing again and again trying to bring some sort of order to the chaos a wire closet system creates.

Builders can add value to the homes they build by connecting his clients with a closet design specialist to consult on these very important personal storage spaces.

Change your frustration into pure joy by contacting a closet design specialist for ideas on how to improve the function of your home’s closets.