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It's a standing tenet of closet designers when consulting with a female client for a shared closet that her view is: "I get this big section all over here with these three walls, and see that  little Hobbit-hole under that low sloped ceiling there?--That's his." If there are two closets in a master bedroom, inevitably the man gets the smaller one, or in some cases that I've witnessed, his wardrobe is consigned for containment in a guest  room. In his own home! And universally, men meekly, often cheerfully, submit to this appalling inequity. What's up with that? Haven't women been working for years to be recognized as equals in the workplace, in politics and at home? Are the principles of equality a capricious stroll in the garden: today I'll pick the red flower, today I'll pick the blue flower...? Men, I believe that the time has come to drag this hypocritical abuse of feminine power out of the closet and into the light of day. It is time to define a new set of rules and fight back.

The bad news: forget about claiming more territory. On all levels that is a battle that you will never win. Your only option is to work with what you've got, but take heart me, you won't believe how much power exists in the application of design principles and tecnology. So men, if you're like me and have come up a few acres short in the allocation of wardrobe space, here are some tips to help make the most of what you have and to help you transform your space into functional closet bliss:

  • One advantage men have in closet layout is that they need no long hanging sections built into their closet so that more of the available vertical wall space can be used for shelving, drawers, and shorter hanging sections.
  • The modular aspect of 32mm closet systems lets you divide your closet wall efficiently into sections with different functions like shoes, hanging, drawers, hampers, shelving, or multi-functions within each section.
  • Double hanging rods save space--this provides two tiers 39 1/4" high for hanging folded pants, shirts and sports jackets.
  • Short hanging--39 1/4" off the floor with five shelves above for folded clothing.
  • Medium hanging--rod is at 45 1/4 off floor for pants hung by the cuff, and has four shelves above for folded items.
  • drawers built into your closet can save floor space in the bedroom and offer convenience when laying out your wardrobe and dressing. Be careful however not to sa
    crifice needed hanging space for drawers.
  • roll-out baskets are great for socks, hampers, or any stacked clothing yo want to be visible.

Whether you are building a do-it-yourself closet or working with a professional designer, the key to success is in thoughtful  planning. Evaluate your needs carefully and think about the way you like to use your closet. Remember that some compromise is inevitable. Be realistic about what you really need and you will be joyful everyday when you dress.