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DSCF1820.JPGBefore adding a washer and dryer to your walk-in closet consider the big bite of space these appliances will take away from your wardrobe storage. A walk-in closet may seem infinitely spacious when it's empty but these are BIG machines. It always surprises people just how cramped their closet feels when the appliances are moved in. And if you're like most folks, finding enough closet space is always a challenge. Beside the space the machines use up you will also need space to handle baskets of dirty clothes and those ready for folding and ironing. How about a folding table or counter top? So you'll just take the basket out into the bedroom to fold? Sounds complicated and cluttery. Why not put the stove and dishwasher in there while you're at it, you'll save steps!

In my opinion:

Laundry rooms are work spaces

  1. Most closets simply do not have the space to comfortably fit laundry appliances. Why feel cramped. Give you wardrobe the respect it deserves.
  2. Work spaces function much better when they are designed to accommodate the intended task.
  3. Bedrooms are usually far removed from the task center of a home. Save steps and locate your laundry area near the kitchen for more efficiency. Make your bedroom a place to relax.
  4. Lint: I don't care how good your vent is (most I've seen are awful, even possibly dangerous), you'll have lint and dust imbedded in your entire wardrobe.
  5. Broken hoses and water pumps: God forbid! But it happens. Do you want repair men and whatever other kind of havoc that a faulty washer can wreak going on inside your closet. I sure don't.

One more thing to consider in the case of a second floor laundry area is have a pan installed under your washer--one with a dedicated drain tied to your home's plumbing system.