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Some people think storage and organization systems are great for holding more “stuff.” And while that may be true, it’s not the real reason why most people invest in these kinds of solutions.

ClosetPlace, the Wolfeboro, NH-based company specializing in custom closet and organization solutions for New Hampshire homeowners, has gathered a great deal of feedback from clients and prospects over the years. And to celebrate the launch of their re-designed website and free Closet Planning Guide at www.ClosetPlace.com, co-owners Bill Huntley and Denise D’Eri decided to pull back the curtain on their industry.

“We’re revealing the top five reasons why people put a closet system in their home,” Huntley said, “because most people are surprised by the benefits to their lifestyle, their state of mind, or even their wallets.” 

The five reasons include:

White walk-in closet 1. Control. Holding lots of stuff has its merits, but as D’Eri noted, “People often look at all the stuff in a storage space like a pantry, and get overwhelmed. They don’t know what to do with the space, or how to fix it, and they keep cramming stuff in until it just becomes unusable.” Putting in a storage system, D’Eri says, make the space more usable and gives people better control of their day-to-day needs. 

2. Simplicity. “There’s a cycle homeowners go through,” Huntley said. “It looks a little different for everyone, but basically, they get more and more stuff, and then they decide, ‘I don’t need all this stuff.’ Having a storage system helps people organize the things they need in their daily lives, and they can get the rest out of the way – donate it, for example, or just get it up in the attic.”

 3. Organization. “People ask us if only disorganized people invest in closet storage services,” Huntley said. “You’d think the well-organized person wouldn’t need or want it because some inherent ability to keep things neat. But in fact, well-organized people often seek additional solutions from professionals to help put a finer point on their own actions.” 

4. Functionality. In the closet storage an organization world, wire closets are often greeted with disdain. “They’re synonymous with limited functionality,’ D’Eri said. “They break or tear out of walls, and have much lower storage capacity – in terms of both weight and volume.” 

5. Home Value. These days homeowners sell their homes, on average, in less than ten years. To increase the value of the home, owners often pursue remodeling projects like closet, laundry, pantry, and garage storage systems. “Closet systems are an especially attractive option in this market,” Huntley said. “They’re seen as a luxury item, and that can make a home stand out in a slow real estate market.”

 ClosetPlace’s new website went live on March 21, 2008. It was created in collaboration with Acorn Creative, a brand identity and web development firm, and Epiphanies, Inc., a content strategy and dignity marketing company, both based in Laconia, NH.