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05-White Reachin.JPGMost of us believe that you get what you pay for.

Does that mean that the more you spend, the better your closet is?

Not always.

When I meet with a client to consult on their closet design one  comment I hear over and over: "I'm not really sure I can afford this."

My standard response: The important thing is to start the process with a functional design. One that addresses your needs for hanging, shelves, shoes, etc. within the space that you have available. The idea is to create a clutter-free storage system that allows you to keep your wardrobe organized and to find what you need easily. Adding "Bells and Whistles" does not add to the function, but may add significantly to the cost. If your budget allows and your preferences are for upgrades, then by all means build the closet to your reflect your vision. But there is no rule that says custom closets need to be expensive, just functional. 

Use these tips to help manage the cost of your custom closet remodeling project.

  1. Choose cost friendly basic white laminate components
  2. Drawers are nice but add significant cost so opt for shelves instead. You can always upgrade at a later time.
  3. Install a wall mounted closet system. Floor mounted closet systems may give the feel of built-in cabinets, but add to the cost and do not use space as efficiently as wall=hung systems.
  4. Stay with standard chrome hardware. Ask your designer how hardware finish can impact your closet cost. Again, a chrome rod will hold as many clothing items as one with a dark oil rubbed bronze finish.
  5. Limit your accessory choices. Hampers, baskets. mirrors, and slanted shoe shelves are costly. Shop around on line and at retailers for bins, baskets, hampers and closet accessories to add function to your closet without the high cost of custom closet component accessories.