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Designing Closets With Sloped Ceilings

Apr 03, 2012

Sloped Ceiling ClosetKnee Wall Closet Design

 by Bill Huntley   

I receive lots of questions about knee wall closets. Most of the ones we see are a design mess, but with a little thought and planning closets built into sloped ceiling spaces can be both beautiful and functional.

The key to having a functional knee wall closet is in the height of the back wall.  A minimum height of 42" is needed to have useful hanging rod clearance, and 48" is better. The pitfall many builders fall into is in confusing floor space with functional closet space. It is common to see the back wall shortened to two feet (or less!)  in height for the sake of providing more "closet space." ( see The Big Hole Closet) It just doesn't work that way. Closet systems depend on walls to function optimally.

The second mistake many builders make when fitting these closets with fixtures is that they try to use the highest point of the ceiling for placing the rod. This crowds you into lowest point in the room forcing you to stoop while accessing clothing.

Placing hanging rods, shelves, and drawers at the back of the closet on the short wall makes using the closet much more comfortable. You can stand fully erect and easily reach everything. Tall hanging can be placed on the side-wall at the high point of the room.

If you are frustrated with a closet that has sloped ceilings there are solutions that work. With some planning and careful measuring you can have a beautiful closet.  

To request a consultation with our closet design specialist click here or call 603-569-5609.                                                                                 


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