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Custom bathroom-closetMy first thought was, "Yuk." Go through the bathroom to get to your closet? No way that is a good thing.

Or is it?

After doing some Google searches on the topic, it seemed like homeowners who had this style of layout had very positive feelings about it. Yet I remained unconvinced, so I put the question to a group of professional closet designers.

The overwhelming response was positive. Here are the top three reasons cited:

  1. Convenience: This layout creates a dressing area with everything at hand when getting ready for your day. Showering, grooming, dressing, everything is right there. The same with bedtime. You brush your teeth and change into PJ's with everything you need conveniently at hand. No crossing back and forth from the bath to closet through the bedroom. Several pros stress the importance of having a hamper in your closet so that your bathroom or bedroom space does not become cluttered with laundry.
  2. More Wall Space: Moving access to the bathroom eliminates the closet door in the bedroom to create more uninterrupted wall space for furniture. Many expressed the desire for an organized and spare bedroom setting.
  3. Keeps the Bedroom Uncluttered: Dressing and changing in the closet/bath space eliminates the clutter of clothing in the bedroom. Clothing is hung back up or stowed in the hamper so you have no unsightly piles accumulating on the bedroom furniture or floor. Nice!

So, how does this layout appeal to you? Yuk! or Yay!