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Why are built-ins so efficient?

I always like to look at the math when I design storage cabinetry for a space in a home. Let's say you have a 12' x 12' room, maybe a den or a small dining room. That's 144 square feet of area. now, let's build a shelf unit the lenth of one wall, 12' long, one foot deep and seven feet high. That gives us six shelves that are 1' x 12', twelve square feet each, for a total of 72 square feet. Hey, that's half the area of the room! And we've only used about 8% of the floor space. One way to look at that is that we have increased the size of the room by 41%!

If that's not enough, here's five more good reasons to love built-in cabinetry.

  • No matter how well designed a free-standing piece of furniture is, it simply cannot match the efficiency of a built-in.
  • Built-ins can be designed to accommodate specific functions like entertainment components, books, dining utensils-- well-you name it. This specificity further adds to function and efficiency.
  • Add drawers for function, accents like lighting or decorative molding to enhance the aesthetic impact to a room.
  • Lets not forget the finish. Match the color of your trim, use a natural wood like cherry, pick up style or architectural details consistent with the elements of your home. Go wild!
  • Built-in cabinets add compact, efficient function ato any room--den, bedroom, living room, dining, porch, finished basements...

Now your built-in becomes an integrated element that seemlessly adds function, beauty and efficiency to your home like no piece of furniture ever will. You just can't argue with the math.