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The chaos principle of closet management is a relentless force that is never at rest. It works something like this: You get busy with your life, and then one day you wake up and your closet is like scrambled eggs. What happens in between is one of those cosmic mysteries. Next time you're getting ready to hoe out your closet to restore order, here's some tips to keep in mind.

    1. Adjustability is the key to efficient storage: Shoes fit in a six-inch high space while sweaters need moorganized reach-in closetre like ten or twelve inches of height. Think of a cereal box compared to a can of tomatoes. Having adjustable, rather than fixed shelves attached to cleats, gives you the freedom to fit your space to your needs. Your closet will be more efficient and stay neater.

   2. Use closet accessories to enhance function and convenience: Built-in accessory items like roll-out baskets, hampers, jewelry trays, and drawer dividers assign a specific function to a specific place in your closet. This makes it easier to put things away and keep items where they belong. Like the old addage: A place for everything and...

   3. Stack folded clothing no more than three items high so that stacks don't tip over and become unruly piles.

   4. Use shelf-dividers to keep folded stacks neat: This is helpful for extra long shelves where things tend to run together and drift into chaos.

   5. Purge your closet at least once a year: Get rid of stuff that doesn't fit or is too worn to wear. It's surprising to find how much is in our closets we can live without when we take a closer look. More breathing room will give you more control of your space.