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8 Laundry Room Ideas To Watch for This Year

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WP_20160316_008 copy.jpgLaundry rooms come in all different sizes and shapes, from expansive workrooms to stacked laundry appliances stuffed into a tiny closet. After your kitchen, the laundry room is the hardest working space in your home, so why scrimp on space and function. Here are some ideas if you are considering an upgrade to this very important room.

1. Roll out baskets or hampers are the ultimate solution for sorting and organizing your wash.

2. Drying: Add hanging rods for drip-drying clothing items. Be sure to have enough clearance below the rod.

3. Supplies: When planning shelving for detergents and other supplies, be sure to consider the height of the items you need to store. Adjustable shelves offer the most flexibility.

4. Counter top: Having a counter top in a laundry room is a must for folding and sorting.

5. Linen Storage: Having linen shelves in the laundry room saves steps—one of the biggest home owner complaints is the lack of linen closet space in their new home.

6. Ironing: A built-in ironing board is the ultimate convenience. There when you need it, tucked away when not in use. There are so many great options for  ironing boards today—my favorite is the ironing board in a drawer from Hafele.Ironing Board Detail.JPG

7. utility sink: An invaluable addition to any laundry room for soaking, scrubbing, or washing items too large for the kitchen sink.

8. Utility: Not strictly a function of the laundry room, but designating some shelf or drawer space for items like light bulbs, and extension cords, batteries, etc. helps keep things organized in a central space. There when you need it. Don’t forget to provide a space for